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The shipping industry has a powerful impact on the global market, stay up to date on shipbuilding takeovers, bunkering, marine insurance, green shipping and more. Maritime Fairtrade brings you the latest shipping news in Singapore.
From corruption, and security, to the ethics of the maritime industry, we highlight key issues in maritime Asia. Gain insights into current affairs, ethics, and the impact on the local community.
Ships use a vast quantity of fuel, which emits large greenhouse gases. By going green with clean energy, the goal of Net Zero lies in collaboration. Find out more on Ocean Governance, Marine Pollution, and impacts on our Biodiversity.
Snippets of maritime and shipping news stories of fuel price increases, fishermen’s struggles, the truth behind illicit drug trafficking and more to watch now.
Blurred of volunteers collecting garbage. Beach environment pollution. Volunteers cleaning the beach. Tidying up rubbish on beach. Oil stains on the beach. Oil leak to the sea

Why Beach Clean-Up Is A Fallacy In Malaysia

April 18, 2023
Muslim, prayer and mosque with a spiritual man group praying in faith during fajr, dhuhr or asr, otherwise maghrib or isha'a. Salah, worship and pray with islam men at ramadan for holy tradition

Taiwan Opens Up Space For Muslim Fishermen

April 4, 2023
Good service cooperation, Consultation of Businesswoman and Male lawyer or judge counselor having team meeting with client, Law and Legal services

Advice from Maritime Lawyer 

March 21, 2023
Learn more about current affairs regarding the maritime industry and other pressing issues in the world.

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