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A high volume of goods and fuels in the world are transported globally with the help of seafarers. Learn about their success and failures on board the ship, what issues they face, and how they overcome the odds.
The shipping industry has a powerful impact on the global market, stay up to date on shipbuilding takeovers, bunkering, marine insurance, green shipping and more. Maritime Fairtrade brings you the latest shipping news in Singapore.
From corruption, and security, to the ethics of the maritime industry, we highlight key issues in maritime Asia. Gain insights into current affairs, ethics, and the impact on the local community.

With interviews focusing on Asia’s shipping industry and key issues, gain exclusive insights and information from maritime leaders, experts and professionals.

Ships use a vast quantity of fuel, which emits large greenhouse gases. By going green with clean energy, the goal of Net Zero lies in collaboration. Find out more on Ocean Governance, Marine Pollution, and impacts on our Biodiversity.

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