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Lee Kok Leong, Executive Editor of Maritime Fairtrade

Lee Kok Leong

Executive Editor

Eunice, Marketing Manager

Eunice Gilbert

Marketing Manager

Ina Silverio, Philippines Correspondent

Ina Silverio

Philippine Correspondent

Liz Lagniton, Philippines Correspondent

Liz Lagniton

Philippine Correspondent

Sunny Um, South Korean Correspondent

Sunny Um

South Korea Correspondent

Angiola Harry, Indonesia Correspondent

Angiola Harry

Indonesia Correspondent

Iqbal Ramdhani

Iqbal Ramdhani

Indonesia Correspondent

Ibnu Wibobo, Indonesia corrrespondent, Maritime Fairtrade

Ibnu Wibowo

Indonesia Correspondent

Iqro Rinaldi, video journalist, Indonesia, maritime fairtrade

Iqro Rinaldi

Indonesia Video Journalist

Patricia Cheung, Taiwan Correspondent, Maritime Fairtrade

Patricia Cheung

Taiwan Correspondent

Foong Yan Kai | Singapore Correspondent | Maritime Fairtrade

Yan Kai

Social Media and Editorial Intern