Active controlled atmosphere for refrigerated containers

This technology allows businesses to expand by reaching further destinations and target news markets.

On the occasion of the 2018 edition of the Asia Fruit Logistica fair, CMA CGM launched CLIMACTIVE, the advanced technology for the transportation of highly sensitive fruits and vegetables by active controlled atmosphere.
CLIMACTIVE efficiently maintains sensitive commodities’ freshness to destination.  It reduces quickly the level of oxygen inside the container equipped with DAIKIN Active CA.
Certainly, it is for highly sensitive commodities that require special attention due to their biological specificities and maturation time. It specifically targets:

  • high added value products
  • long transit time products
  • organic products

Moreover, this technology allows businesses to optimize their competitive attractiveness by

  • maintaining the products’ freshness up to final destination
  • preventing the maturation process,
  • extend their shelf life
  • preserve the products’ quality attributes

Importantly, it allows businesses to expand by reaching further destinations and target news markets. Finally, it allows businesses to maintain their products’ organic label.
This technology allows reaching the optimal level of O2 and CO2 much faster. A nitrogen pump creates a real barrier against oxygen infiltration, protecting the cargo from excessive ripening.
Temperature, humidity and balance between gases are also very precisely regulated.  Therefore, this allows for an optimal preservation and protection of highly-sensitive commodities.
“By introducing CLIMACTIVE, an additional technology is now available for the most sensitive commodities in CMA CGM’s Controlled Atmosphere offer. CMA CGM testifies again the importance of customer centricity and its ability to remain equipped with the latest innovative technologies” said Eric Legros, VP, Specialized Products and Value Added Services.

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