Algeria Nabs 8 Filipino Seafarers in Major Cocaine Bust

Eight Filipino seafarers detained in Algeria without charge after a 35.8 kilo cocaine discovery on their ship, amid rising concern over drug cartels’ influence at sea.

The relatives of eight Filipino seafarers who were arrested on July 28, 2023 in Algeria for alleged cocaine trafficking, said they were unjustly accused and detained. The relatives have appealed to the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) for assistance. 

The eight seafarers were arrested after Algerian police discovered 35.8 kilos of cocaine aboard their ship, MV Harris, a Maltese-flagged container ship which at the time was docked at the port of Algiers. 

Since their arrest, Algerian authority has not allowed the seafarers’ families, employer or Filipino officials to visit them. However, their employer, Eastern Mediterranean Maritime, managed to secure the service of a lawyer, who was able to meet the seafarers.

As of this writing, the Filipino seafarers, who have spent over three months in prison, have not been formally charged with any criminal offense. 

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