Angiola Harry, Indonesia Correspondent

Angiola Harry

Indonesia Correspondent

Angiola Harry is an award-winning veteran journalist who has been reporting in Indonesia for two decades.  He has also written several books and a novel.  


Angiola’s achievement

·      Started journalistic career in 2002 as a photojournalist at PT. Jawa Pos, Surabaya, East Java.

·      In 2004, moved to Media Indonesia, a top national newspaper. While there, he was awarded “The Youngest Journalist for Aceh Conflict Coverage” in 2005. 

·      In 2007, became a TV reporter for a joint project between Media Indonesia and Metro TV.

·      In 2008, joined Tempo, the number one specialized investigative mass media in Indonesia, as editor of’s online news. 

·      In 2014, headhunted by Indonesia Central Bank (BI) as a communications expert.  Awarded the “Best BI Journalist” 2015 to 2016, first place in Opinion Writing (2016), and third place in ICCA Writing Contest (2015). 

·      In 2018, worked for the UN’s fisheries project, led the public communications team. Won an award for a visualization project, which was commended by the then Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Edhy Prabowo. 


Angiola is a graduate of Marine Fisheries Management Studies from IPB University, Indonesia.

Angiola Harry

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