Dr Aziz J Mulla Postdoctoral research fellow Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Dr Aziz J Mulla

Aziz J Mulla is a postdoctoral research fellow at Taiwan’s National Academy, Academia Sinica. His research focus is primarily coral reef recovery, reproduction and disturbance regimes in waters around the Indo-Pacific region. He has also studied the relationship between water quality and coral coverage, and conducted projects to understand changes in coral community structure in naturally disturbed environments.

Aziz’s research takes into consideration biodiversity, coral physiology and various anthropogenic drivers of ecosystem change. Before coming to Taiwan, his research was focused in the Red Sea region of Egypt and Israel, studying the health of coral reefs.

Aziz is also the host of “Our Ocean”, a docuseries produced by Taiwan+. He is a keen diver and cyclist who enjoys the stunning natural environments of Taiwan, from the mountains to the ocean.

Aziz received his PhD degree from the National Taiwan Normal University, and his research is on human’s relationship with the reefs, local/global stressors, and management strategies to promote reproduction and diversity. He received his master’s degree from the University of St. Andrews and bachelor’s degree from the University of Dundee.

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