Board of Industry Experts

Maritime experts from across Asia.


Philip Teoh

Maritime Lawyer
Partner, Head of Practice
Shipping, Insurance, Litigation & Arbitration Practice Group
Azmi & Associates

Dr. Collin Koh Swee Lean

Research Fellow (Naval and Maritime Affairs)
Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies,
Nanyang Technological University

Captain James Foong, Master Mariner

Captain James Foong

Master Mariner (New Zealand)
MBA Shipping & Logistics (Middlesex University)
Fellow, Nautical Institute UK
Associate Fellow, Royal Institute of Navigation

Dr Aziz J Mulla Postdoctoral research fellow Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Dr Aziz J Mulla

Postdoc Research Fellow (Coral reef recovery)
Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Ken Soh, Maritime cybersecurity expert, Group CIO and CEO, Athena Dynamics

Ken Soh

Maritime cybersecurity expert
Group CIO and CEO, Athena Dynamics

Kenlip Ong, Maritime 3D printing expert, CEO, Pelagus 3D

Kenlip Ong

Maritime 3D printing expert
CEO, Pelagus 3D

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