Captain Martin Lim

Captain Martin Lim

Chairman and President Maritime Pilots Malaysia Association
Chairman, Royal Maritime Environmental Awareness Action Group

Martin Lim is a renowned leader with 34 years of industry experience. He is the chairman and president of Maritime Pilots Malaysia (MPM) Association, chairman of the Royal Maritime Environmental Awareness (RMEA) Action Group, and a marine advisor for Straits of Malacca and Singapore (SOMS). He is also a keynote speaker at major industry events.

Martin spent 14 years at sea, sailed all around the world, transported liquefied natural gas, cars, containers, crude oil and bulk of grains and coal, and ensured the cargoes arrived safely at each port of call. He is an expert in navigation, marine weather appraisal, safety of life and cargo at sea, onboard management, and international business and law.

After retiring from seafaring, Martin embarks on a career as a maritime pilot, serving ports and harbors in Malaysia. He is passionate about safeguarding the environment and climate, and is involved in activities and campaigns to protect, preserve and restore sea and marine life.

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