a group of sailors hard at work pulling rope in unison

More needs to be done for seafarers’ human rights

Over the last seven years there has been little concerted and collaborative effort by the shipping industry to develop unified policies, drive effective remedy and demonstrate public accountability to ensure human rights.

cargo ship moving across the ocean

Abandoned seafarers still in limbo

10 Kenyan seafarers flew out to Mozambique in August to board a ship on a long voyage to Iran. Four months down the line, the 10 crew members are still in the port of Pemba, Mozambique, apparently abandoned by their employer.

cargo ship moving across the ocean

Slow steaming improves human, climate health

Reduced ship speed means reduced fuel burn, resulting not just in reductions in GHG emissions but also reductions in black carbon, sulphur and nitrogen oxides, all important air pollutants.