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COVID-19: Maritime bosses call on G20 to do more

The International Chamber of Shipping and International Association of Ports and Harbours have joined forces to call on G20 to act quickly to protect global supply chains from the impact of COVID-19.

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Internet access for seafarers improves morale

Internet access for seafarers for personal use is more widespread and available than previously imagined; the positive benefits associated with this access outweigh the feared safety concerns around the technology.

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ICS warns of shipping oversupply

Avoiding shipping overcapacity and unsustainably low freight rates is still a major challenge ten years after the massive downturn of 2008.

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Rescued migrants took over merchant ship

The ICS is very concerned by reports that a merchant ship, the Palau-flagged tanker Elhiblu 1, had been taken over by migrants rescued in the Mediterranean Sea.