A Glimpse into the Daily Adventures of a Maritime Engineer

Embark on the thrilling life of marine engineer Syed Zain Ali Shah, 32, as he commands ship powerhouses and generators.

Syed Zain Ali Shah, 32, graduated from Pakistan Marine Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies and Marine Engineering in 2010.  Ali started his seafaring journey in 2011 and is now a Third Engineer. He is currently pursuing his Certificate of Competency (COC) class 2 and 1 combined in Singapore.

“As seafarers, we live on the ship, it is like our working place and living place, so, it is like a home for us, and we sail through different waters and to different places around the world.  In general, a ship is a workplace and a home,” Ali told Maritime Fairtrade in an interview.

The work of a marine engineer

A marine engineer “takes care of the whole mechanical and electrical systems needed to run a ship safely,” said Ali.

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