david baur

David Baur

Co-CEO & Co-founder, AELER

As Co-CEO and Co-founder, David is responsible for managing business and technical matters concerning the company’s composite container, to make sure that AELER’s hardware makes the company the most successful logtech company in the logistics industry.

Based in Lausanne, David has been working on a composite container during his master thesis at EPFL, Switzerland. The first ever composite container prototype was small enough to bring it home on his balcony. He met Naïk Londono and decided to tackle the logistics industry’s biggest problems: change the unchanged steel container, make it visible and give its space a value.

AELER was born from several observations. The steel container is a box that has not changed for 60 years and that the space within is not made more valuable. The cargo transported cannot be traced nor checked for quality before it arrived at the final destination. The shipping owners are thus missing traceability and it became clear to David that the timing was ripe for a transformation of global logistics operations.

Once the problems are mapped, David joined forces with Naïk to start working on the prototype of the next generation intermodal composite container, now known as the Unit One smart container. Before AELER, Naïk already was an entrepreneur. During his studies of neuroengineering, focusing on AI, he built several businesses, including an industrial IoT startup.

Before his current role, David worked at a Swiss luxury watch company and reshaped its internal quality control and logistics processes. Before that, he managed to get first hand supply chain processes experience as a truck driver. His passion for driving is still very strong.

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