Dell Technologies launches Global Innovation Hub in Singapore

Dell Technologies has committed to an investment of US$50 million (approx. S$66 million) over three years since 2019 in the establishment of a Global Innovation Hub (GIH) in Singapore. 

Of that planned investment, US$23 million (approx. S$30 million) will be invested this year. Supported by Digital Industry Singapore (DISG), these investments will go towards accelerating developments in digital experiences and research & development (R&D) capabilities.

The GIH is launched under the Dell Technologies Digital Future – Made in Singapore initiative that aims to fast track the adoption of digital solutions and drive digital innovations developed in Singapore for partners and customers globally to be future-ready. 

A first-of-its-kind innovation center situated outside of the company’s global headquarters in the United States, the GIH will focus on advancing multiple growth areas for digital transformation including augmented/mixed reality, data analytics, cloud-native, cybersecurity and edge computing. It is also home to a specialized team responsible for enhancing user experiences through innovation.

In addition, the GIH houses existing R&D facilities in Singapore such as the Singapore Design Centre – responsible for global product design and development of key product categories such as monitors and client peripherals. 

It also includes a hardware prototyping lab dedicated to product design and innovation, and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Experience Zone – a catalyst for AI understanding and adoption.

The establishment of this hub has created more than 160 job opportunities in emerging technologies in Singapore. Diverse R&D innovators comprising designers, developers and strategists will be recruited and the hiring process will be completed by this year. 

All new hires for the GIH are based in Singapore and will drive R&D programs for customers and partners worldwide.

Last year, the Singapore government announced an investment of S$25 billion into its next five-year plan for research, innovation and enterprise (RIE 2025) to meet a broader spectrum of national needs and build a knowledge-based and innovation-driven economy and society.

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