EU says shipping industry must contribute to climate neutrality

To decarbonize maritime transport, European Parliament voted to include CO2 emissions in the EU Emissions Trading System.

To decarbonize maritime transport, European Parliament voted on 16 Sep to include CO2 emissions from the sector in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS).  The Parliament wants maritime transport to be more ambitious and believes ships of 5000 gross tonnage and above should be included in the EU ETS.

However, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) say that market-based emissions reduction policies are not enough and request that shipping companies reduce their annual average CO2 emissions per transport unit for all their ships by at least 40% by 2030.

Maritime transport remains the only sector with no specific EU commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Global shipping activity emits significant amounts of GHG emissions, estimated to be around 2-3% of total global GHG emissions. This is more than the emissions of any EU member state. In 2017 in the EU, 13 % of total EU greenhouse gas emissions from transport came from the maritime sector.

MEPs largely agree that reporting obligations by the EU and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) should be aligned. They note, however, that the IMO has made insufficient progress in reaching an ambitious global agreement on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. A global ambitious agreement on GHG emissions from shipping is urgently needed, they add.

Also, MEPs call for an “Ocean Fund” for the period from 2022 to 2030, financed by revenues from auctioning allowances under the ETS, to make ships more energy-efficient and to support investment in innovative technologies and infrastructure, such as alternative fuel and green ports. 20 % of the revenues under the Fund should be used to contribute to protecting, restoring and efficiently managing marine ecosystems impacted by global warming.

The Parliament is now ready to start negotiations with member states on the final shape of the legislation.

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