Global port groups going green

The purpose was to reinforce a simple message.  Think twice about the consequences of discarding waste.

Five of the world’s leading container port operators have jointly undertaken a week-long initiative to promote sustainable resource usage.
During the fifth annual Go Green Initiative, 8,332 employees worldwide participated.  They collected a total of 1,966 kg of aluminium cans and 2,227 mobile phones for recycling.
The employees came from DP World, Hutchison Ports, PSA International, Port of Rotterdam and Shanghai International Port Group
The choice of two very different waste products for collection and recycling was intentional.
Aluminium cans are one of the most recyclable waste items.  In contrast, mobile phones are e-waste that contain many valuable resources.  Also, they contain toxic components that can negatively impact both human health and environment if improperly disposed of.
The purpose was to reinforce a simple message among participating employees.  The need to think twice about the consequences of discarding waste.

Go green

Hutchison Ports Group Managing Director Eric Ip said: “The annual Go Green initiative provides a great opportunity for major companies in our industry, including Hutchison Ports, to promote sustainability among port workers.
“This year, teams at 34 of our ports took up the challenge, with many donating any proceeds from recycling to community charities and engaging in fun reuse-themed follow-up activities following the collection.
“The activities were a rewarding staff-oriented complement to our daily efforts to improve operational sustainability.”
PSA International Group CEO Tan Chong Meng said besides green initiatives, PSA also continually seeks to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases in port operations.  They do this by supporting a progressive shift towards electric cranes, LNG trucks and energy-efficient buildings.
“With cleaner energy sources, emerging new technologies and concerted efforts, we envision a sustainable future for generations to come.”
Shanghai International Port Chairman Chen Xuyuan said: “Through Go Green, our employees can contribute to the community where we operate.
“With our fully automated terminal put into use, SIPG is practising what it has promised, notably in terms of emissions reduction and energy saving.
“We also continuously encourage our staff to get in the habit of cutting waste, recycling and reusing items, so as to support sustainable operations across all our terminals.”

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