Hiezle Malubay Bual

Vietnam Correspondent

Hiezle Malubay Bual is a dedicated communications professional with over a decade of hands-on experience. Besides writing for Maritime Fairtrade, she serves as the international editor at Vietcetera Media in Vietnam.

Hiezle’s diverse experience encompasses roles as a content writer at Mactan Cebu International Airport and a journalist at an English newspaper in Cambodia. In addition to her on-the-ground expertise, she has worked as a freelance copywriter for various brands. Notably, she contributed her insights to the 2022 edition of the Vietnam Travel Guide published by Fodor Travel.

Beyond her communication expertise, Hiezle is intrigued by the AI industry’s potential to transform businesses and content creation, believing it can enhance decision-making and efficiency.

Hiezle Malubay Bual

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