singapore busiest port in the world aerial view of ships pirate attack flame fire

The WORST Pirate Attack in Singapore

Two ships in the Singapore Strait were attacked by pirates within the span of an hour on early Feb 9 morning. These bring the total number of incidents reported in the Singapore Strait to six since the start of this year.

cargo vessel in the green blue sea

Pirates increase kidnappings in Gulf of Guinea

On 15 December 2019, around six heavily armed pirates boarded a product tanker underway approximately 118 nm of Cotonou, Benin, kidnapping 20 seafarers and destroying some equipment on board.

gulf of guinea map pirate piracy zone area danger

Great cost of piracy at over US$800 million

Piracy is proving costly for firms operating in the Gulf of Guinea.  Industry experts say kidnappings at sea have become so common, they have increased the cost of operations.