Significant drops in port restrictions, delays due to changes in port call procedures

The weekly IAPH-WPSP Port Economic Impact Barometer reports significant drops in extra port restrictions and delays due to changes in port call procedures.  The movement of ships in the past week has developed positively in several ports, with some reporting that they are heading towards a stable situation. 

However, the decrease of cargoes continues in a number of trades. The trend is not homogenous though.  In some countries, seaborne cargoes started moving in accordance with past expectations.  In others, the shutdown of the economies continues to affect export/import activities.  A decrease in the number of offshore supply vessels due to a reduced activity is present in those ports serving this particular trade.

In addition, the moderate decrease that began last week in terms of the share of ports imposing restrictions on container and other cargo vessels accelerated this week.  Nine out of 10 ports did not impose any restrictions on container vessels and other cargo vessels, the highest figures to date in the Barometer. 

The picture for passenger vessels also shows a strong improvement.  80% of the responding ports have not imposed additional restrictions (compared to 69% last week and 44% in week 15).  The share of ports imposing extra measures on all incoming passenger vessels has stabilized at around 10%.

Co-author of the report, Professor Thanos Pallis, said: “Overall, this week’s survey results show a marked improvement in the overall global situation in terms of less restrictions being added on vessels and delays impacted by changes in port call procedures. 

“However, in the coming weeks both cargo and passenger transits at ports will not only be impacted by blank sailings and continued shutdown of passenger and cruise vessel services. They are also likely to be impacted by scarcity of anchorage availability at some ports as floating storage of liquid, chemical and ro-ro cargo continues to build up.”

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