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Through independent journalism, Maritime Fairtrade puts together the latest news and updates on the shipping sector across Asia. Our goal is to advocate for ethics and transparency in all areas of the maritime sector, and this has to start with education.

We want to keep readers informed on ethical maritime practices and other shipping developments in the region through our regular news articles that cover various topics such as climate change, port operations and regulations. We also develop extensive editorials and interview features with thought leaders in this field.

We want to empower readers to make educated decisions on maritime issues that concern the core problem that plague the industry – corruption. As we cover maritime and shipping news across the topics, we bring to light the problems the shipping industry is currently facing, which include syndicated trafficking, pollution, piracy, counterfeit shipping and more.

Maritime corruption is rampant in the industry and an increasing threat to its integrity and reputation. For a sector that takes care of over 90% of global trade, corruption has a crippling effect across industries worldwide. With our news coverage, we hope to develop a more educated maritime community and rally stakeholders together to create an anti-corrupt trade culture.

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We cover the latest on the key issues, from shipping regulations to curated pieces of maritime logistics news. Driven by independent journalism, we work towards offering unbiased in-depth analyses to address the problems right at the core. Pairing our maritime news articles are opinion pieces and expert interviews that discuss operational, technological and regulatory achievements and challenges.

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We reach out to maritime corporations and businesses with expertise in this field to report their latest contributions to the industry. This allows us to create a community of shared expertise where stakeholders can learn from one another. Partner with us and support the growth of the maritime industry in Asia.

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