In a first, ClassNK recognizes bulk carrier for improvements in living, working environment

ClassNK has granted its Excellent Living and Working Environment (ELW) recognition to ELETTRA, a bulk carrier owned by Fuyo Kaiun. The vessel becomes the first in ClassNK registry to have the ELW.

Aiming to improve the welfare of the crew, Fuyo Kaiun plans to gradually expand the installation of DENBA+ Marine, a food freshness preservation system for ships, developed by DENBA JAPAN Corporation, across its fleet. By installing it in the food storage room, the device is designed to maintain the freshness of foodstuffs, thereby improving the food environment for the crew and reducing food loss. It has obtained ClassNK’s Innovation Endorsement certification for Products & Solutions.

Following Fuyo Kaiun’s application, ClassNK conducted an examination of ELETTRA, which is the first vessel outfitted with the device, based on its guidelines. Upon confirming it complied with the prescribed requirements, the ELW notation was affixed to the vessel.

As part of its Innovation Endorsement service for innovative technologies and initiatives, ClassNK has established requirements to indicate on a class certificate that a ship is equipped with measures and facilities that contribute to the improvement of the onboard environment in its “Guidelines for Excellent Living and Working Environment”.

In order to promote the spread and development of innovative technologies, ClassNK has offered Innovation Endorsement as a swift certification service in cooperation with technological front runners to establish appropriate evaluation criteria.

ELETTRA. Photo credit: Fuyo Kaiun

DENBA+ Marine. Photo credit: Fuyo Kaiun

Top photo credit: iStock/ Wavebreakmedia

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