Indonesia arrests three for infrastructure corruption in Papua

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has arrested three suspects involved in an infrastructure corruption case in Mamberamo Tengah Regency, Papua Province, said Ir. Mochamad Hadiyana, M.Eng, deputy head for information and data, KPK on September 15.  One other suspect is on the run.

The three suspects are “MT”, director of PT SSM who is detained on September 14, “SP”, president director of PT BKR and “JPP”, director of PT BAP, who are both detained since September 8.  They were detained at the KPK Detention Center in Lot C1. The suspect still at large is “RHP”, a former Regent of Central Mamberamo (2013-2018 and 2018-2023).  They are all involved in corruption of various infrastructure development projects in Central Mamberamo Regency, Papua Province.

“MT” received a contract, approved by “RHP”, worth IDR 9.4 billion (US$627,599) to build a guest house.  “MT” thereafter made several bank transfers to “RHP” ranging from sums of IDR 300 million to billions of rupiah.

Sandy Nur Ikfal Raharjo, researcher, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), said although Indonesia in recent years is progressing well economically, there is still an inequality gap between the western and eastern regions, with the west contributing 80 percent to the country’s GDP and the east where Papua is, only 20 percent. Therefore, money is needed for development projects in the east.

 Jazzy Isya Perdana, director of business development, PT. Tough Energy Ocean, said: “The infrastructure in the western region is good, especially in Jakarta.  But not so in eastern Indonesia.  The government has to develop the region more.  We even give scholarships to local students in Papua to attend maritime schools.”

Papua Province, although not as develop as cities in the west, is three times the size of the island of Java and has a lot of natural resources.  There is big potential in plantation, agriculture, mining and fisheries. The Public Works Department has plans to build a good infrastructure, including transportation network and logistics facilities, to develop Papua but first, the government has to clamp down on corruption so public money can be fully utilized for the intended development projects.

Photo credit: iStock/ choochart choochaikupt

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