Indonesia, Malaysia sign port cooperation MoU

Indonesia Port Corporations (IPC) and Sabah Ports Authority signed Sister Port MoU to encourage cooperation in various fields, including logistics, port industry, and education.

The MoU signing occurred during the 13th APA Sports Meet 2019 – APA (ASEAN Port Association) sports competition held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

This joint agreement was signed by the Director of IPC Business Transformation and Development, Ogi Rulino and Deputy Chairman of Sabah Ports Authority, Datuk Maisuri Bin Besri and witnessed by APA Secretary General, Madam Mimi Mazira Mohd Idris.

Datuk Maisuri Bin Besri said, “This collaboration is very important, each port have its own strength and weakness and we all can benefit from this agreement.”

IPC and Sabah Ports Authority also agreed to deepen mutually beneficial initiatives by sharing information and policies on various topics relevant to port activities, including

  • personnel training
  • employee practical work
  • comparative studies
  • operational improvements
  • environmental improvements
  • service promotion port with the aim of increasing trade and maritime services

This collaboration completes the series of MoU that was previously signed between Indonesia and Malaysia.

In August, the IPC Directors flew to Sabah to convey commitments through the signing of the MoU with several port operators in Sabah, Malaysia including Sabah Port (Sabah Port Sdn Bhd) and Palm Oil Industrial Cluster (POIC).

Elvyn G Masassya, Director of the IPC Main Office, emphasized that “Sabah has a strategic position, close to West Kalimantan, where there also is the Kijing Port.

“Cooperation with port operators will provide added value.”

IPC has made various efforts to improve the quality of operational services and has carried out various transformations such as port modernization both in terms of infrastructure and superstructure to comply with international standards.

In carrying out these efforts, synergy and collaboration with various parties is needed.

Throughout 2019, ten MoUs have been signed by IPC with various ports and port authorities in neighboring countries including the Guangzhou Port Authority, Ningbo-Zhoushan Port Group, and POIC Sabah.

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