Instant online overview of all transactions

Wilhelmsen's FRED (Framework for Enterprise Data) online platform enables customers to securely access their transaction information, on demand.

Wilhelmsen’s FRED (Framework for Enterprise Data) online platform enables customers to securely access their transaction information.  These include invoices, delivery notes, their order history and view the current delivery status of orders.
It also allows customers to retrieve certificates for products such as ropes, along with providing an instant overview of which cylinders they have on board, and where.
The numerous calls and emails, typically required to track current orders, chase down invoices, retrieve certificates, or get transaction overviews, will become a thing of the past.
FRED reduces the time and effort needed from days and hours, to minutes.
Nakul Malhotra, vice president, technical solutions & marketing, Wilhelmsen Ships Service says, “Whether it’s online banking, or e-commerce, as consumers we take for granted that we can access our account details, or ordering information anywhere, anytime with just a few keystrokes.
“But shipping, as an industry is typically slower to realise and effectively harness the power of new technologies.
“We’re focused on changing that, and especially when it can totally transform our customers’ experiences and interactions”.
The platform allows customers to get the information they value, wherever and whenever they need it, via computer or mobile.
FRED is inbuilt with alert settings.  These can be relating to order status.  Or it can be usage such as highlighting when cylinder assets have been on board for extended periods.
“FRED was developed as a direct response to customer feedback and it cures an established and totally avoidable pain point.
“Transactional data on demand frees up an enormous amount of time.
Importantly, he says the platform allows customers to get invaluable insight into specific needs.
“It’s a massive leap forward for us, our customers and the industry.”



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