Institute for Human Rights and Business joins Sustainable Shipping Initiative

According to a statement on January 18, the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) has joined the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI), having been working together throughout 2021 on the Delivering on Seafarers’ Rights project, which saw the launch of a landmark Code of Conduct and self-assessment tool to protect the human rights and wellbeing of the world’s nearly two million seafarers in October 2021.

IHRB is the leading international think tank on business and human rights. IHRB’s mission is to shape policy, advance practice, and strengthen accountability in order to make respect for human rights part of everyday business. They join fifteen members across the shipping value chain, including NGOs Forum for the Future and WWF in working together for a more sustainable maritime industry.

“Building on the close collaboration on delivering on seafarers’ rights, IHRB is delighted to formalize its relationship with SSI”, said Frances House of IHRB. “We welcome this opportunity to strengthen our work with the shipping sector, working to ensure that protecting and promoting seafarers’ rights are at the heart of a sustainable and decarbonizing shipping industry, and that companies are held to account for their commitments in this regard.”

“After working closely over the past two years, we are proud to welcome IHRB to the SSI community, now a member as well as a partner.” said Andrew Stephens, SSI’s Executive Director. 

“Sustainability in shipping is not only about decarbonization, but also the consideration for the workers who will be operating, building and recycling zero emission vessels which is paramount to create an industry that is both environmentally and socially sustainable. We look forward to continuing to work with IHRB on identifying challenges and shining a light on solutions to promote and improve social sustainability in the shipping sector.”

The Sustainable Shipping Initiative brings together like-minded organizations with shared goals and determination to improve the shipping industry. Members, ranging from shipowners and operators, to charterers, NGOs, banks, service providers and classification societies, work together toward the milestones laid out in the Roadmap to a Sustainable Shipping Industry. IHRB becomes the sixteenth organization and third NGO to join the initiative.

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