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We advocate for ethical business practices and transparency in maritime Asia through independent journalism.

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“I am able to write not only about the very urgent concerns of seafarers and their families but also about the issues that matter concerning politics, social welfare, communities resisting corruption and injustice. This is real Independent Journalism at work – shedding light on issues not covered by the mainstream media.”


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“Maritime Fairtrade has given me a front-row seat for a closer look at the industry. This allows me to fill the gap in Asian maritime journalism, and work on some of the most in-depth maritime stories in my country.”

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“Working at Maritime Fairtrade has opened up many opportunities for me. I learned how to deliver the best articles to our international readers from my highly experienced, reliable, and competent colleagues. Maritime Fairtrade guides and inspires me to become a better journalist and a maritime expert.

“Being a journalist seemed the ideal way of both having a job and experiencing the world, especially for anyone with a sense of adventure.” Jackie Kennedy

“Maritime Fairtrade’s commitment to independent journalism and transparency really helps journalists to share what really matters. And being part of Maritime Fairtrade also gives me the opportunity to reach a wider global audience and most importantly, to strongly uphold my independence as a journalist.”

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