Korean Maritime Institute, Pacific Environment sign MOU to accelerate zero-emission shipping and ports

During the 2023 World ESG Forum, Pacific Environment, an environmental group, and The Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) outlining a vision of multi-year collaboration to accelerate zero-emission shipping and ports in the Republic of Korea, across Asia, and globally. 

The MOU states, “…objective of this MOU is to create a mechanism and framework for cooperation between KMI and PE accelerate zero-emission shipping and ports in Republic of Korea, across Asia, and globally, by clearly defining the strategic opportunities for exchange between the parties. And it is to identify the roles and responsibilities in the cooperation activities of the parties in order to ensure mutual understanding and mutual benefits.” 

Other key areas of collaboration include support from Pacific Environment and KMI to accelerate Korea’s policies to move towards 100% renewable energy, provide electric power, and move towards zero-emission fuels. Additionally, the MOU calls for the design and implementation of policies for commercial harbor craft and international vessels, ships at berth and other climate policy issues such as ending ocean plastic pollution, ending fossil fuel pollution, among others.  

“The Earth is suffering from global warming caused by climate change, and the recently published IPCC report strongly recommends moving the 1.5℃ goal forward to 2040, and the IMO is expected to declare net zero or zero emissions as the level of ambition for shipping at the 80th MEPC in July,” said Jong Deog Kim, President, Korea Maritime Institute. 

“At this point, I think it is most meaningful that KMI and PE signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for research cooperation to contribute to the international community, including joint research on greenhouse gas reduction.”

“As the Republic of Korea boasts the 4th largest economy in Asia and the 12th largest economy in the world, Pacific Environment is proud to further solidify our strategic in-country partnerships today with the signing of a collaborative MoU with the Korean Maritime Institute,” said Madeline Rose, Interim Deputy Executive Director, Pacific Environment. 

“We are excited to enter into this multi-year partnership with the Korea Maritime Institute, one of the world’s leading maritime research institutions, to accelerate climate action and the realization of zero-emission shipping and zero-emission ports.”

Photo credit: iStock/ RyuSeungil. June 24, 2020, Geoje, South Korea. Shipbuilding yard, Samsung heavy industry and DSME.

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