Latin American ports more impacted by hinterland delays, labor shortages than other regions

Central and South American ports are feeling the impact of COVID19 on hinterland transits and labor availability.

The weekly IAPH-WPSP Port Economic Impact Barometer stated that the global reach of the pandemic is still being felt in varying degrees depending on region.  Central and South American ports are feeling the impact of COVID19 on hinterland transits and labor availability.

Overall, the share of Central and South American ports facing declines in weekly calls of cargo vessels is fairly comparable to the world average.  However, in quite a few ports in the region, container vessels, Ro-Ro (car carriers) and general (break bulk) cargo vessels suffered significant call reductions.

The situation for hinterland transport is on average more disrupted than what can be observed around the world, particularly for rail and barge services.  Nonetheless, the number of ports confronted with disruptions in trucking activities in/out of the port areas is gradually declining.

In addition, some 27% of Central and South American ports face shortages in dock workers, a figure that is higher than the global picture and in line with what was observed in week 15. Staff availability at port authority level is also lower compared to the global sample, although strong fluctuations are observed over the period of observation. 

Finally, 18% of ports in the region are facing shortages of truck drivers compared to 9% globally. Contrary to the rest of the world, the availability of truck drivers in the region is not significantly improving over the past weeks.

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