Maersk, Amazon finalize eco-friendly ocean shipping deal 

Maersk and Amazon have finalized a 2023-2024 agreement for the transport of 20,000 FFE containers using green biofuel through Maersk’s “ECO Delivery” ocean product offering. 

Maersk estimates this purchase will contribute to a reduction in 44,600 metric tons of CO2e vs standard bunker fuel, roughly equivalent to 50 million pounds of coal burned. This is the fourth consecutive year that Amazon and Maersk have arranged container shipping using low greenhouse gas (GHG) fuel options.

The ECO Delivery biofuel option offers emission reductions that enable immediate and externally verified GHG savings for customers, without compensatory measures like offsetting. 

This year, Amazon will benefit from a new feature of the ECO Delivery product which will be enabled by also using green methanol in addition to the bio diesel as a second green fuel in the vessel fleet. 

ECO Delivery is using primary data for fuel consumption in the methodology to report emissions savings with greater precision, inclusive of other greenhouse gases in addition to the CO2. The new model also provides price certainty and stability and is de-linked from the fossil fuel market.

Eric Leveridge, Ship It Zero Lead, Pacific Environment, said: “We applaud Amazon’s decision to utilize Maersk’s Eco Delivery program. It is a significant step in the immediate term to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their maritime shipping operations, and we urge all retailers to utilize existing lower-emissions options offered by shipping carriers. 

“These steps are especially vital given the need to peak global emission by 2025 to stay within a 1.5° C trajectory and avoid a climate catastrophe. 

“However, it is important to remember that green biofuels are not a scalable solution for sector-wide shipping decarbonization efforts. These short-term steps must be coupled with investment in alternative fuels that are long-term solutions like green hydrogen.”

Photo credit: iStock/ Lawrence Glass

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