Maersk uses technology to drive global revenue

Maersk is transforming logistics through technology-enabled, digital supply chain solutions.  This digital transformation drives two-third of the company’s global revenue through platforms such as, Twill and Maersk Mobile App.

Maersk’s strategy is to offer integrated solutions for smooth and optimized cargo flows that can span across all steps of the supply chain and create value for customers in the form of better supply chain outcomes, increased transparency and control, and ultimately lower end-to-end costs. 

This vision is being delivered by combining the broad product and service offering of ‘Logistics & Services’ with the ‘Ocean’ transportation offering. In addition, significant financial and operational synergies are being realized between Terminals and Ocean via close collaboration to drive efficiency. One of the important elements binding all these aspects together is technology.

Vikash Agarwal, Managing Director, Maersk South Asia, said: “Technology enablement is critically important for all value creation elements. It enables the creation of new products and services, facilitates a seamless, state-of-the-art, end-to-end customer experience, enables standardization and automation of processes, and powers the next levels of operational excellence and efficiency.”

A key enabler of Maersk’s strategy is digital transformation, where massive acceleration in activities was witnessed in the last two years. The turnover on the platform, which includes,, Maersk Mobile App and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), reached US$38 billion in 2021, an almost 90% jump from 2019. 

The traffic on increased by 15%, and the search for Maersk’s Ocean products increased by 52% in 2021. The number of bookings processed on the mobile app increased more than 15-fold, indicating a massive shift in how customers prefer to engage, especially in the times that drove social distancing and remote working. Instant booking confirmation was offered on 70% of the transactions on, an industry first that contributes towards frictionless transactions.

Agarwal: “Digital transformation is a marathon where we will keep evolving to ensure our customers have access to even more simplified and standardized supply chains. We are building an in-house technology powerhouse that will modernize the legacy infrastructure by adopting best-in-class software development methodologies. 

“Our goal is to use technology to drive efficiencies through data that allows us to optimize and make informed decisions.”

Photo credit: iStock/ SKahraman

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