MANSA, MACN collaborate to check improper demands at Mumbai ports

In order to weed out corruption and strengthen the integrity at Indian ports, a workshop was organised by MANSA, involving The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network.

In order to weed out corruption and strengthen the integrity at Indian ports, a workshop was held under the auspices of Maritime Association of Nationwide Shipping Agencies (MANSA) involving The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) to empower its members towards promoting good practices.
MACN is a global business network working towards the vision of a maritime industry free of corruption that enables fair trade to the benefit of society at large.
MACN and its members promote good corporate practice in the maritime industry for tackling bribes, facilitation payments and other forms of corruption in countries like Nigeria, Argentina, Egypt and Indonesia.
Welcoming the collaborative initiative with Indian government and maritime associations, MANSA, President, Captain Amit Wason said, “While India has taken strides to improve ease of doing business, there is a need to improve its ranking in terms of transparency and corruption as well. The initiative by MACN will go a long way towards enlightening the maritime fraternity about the loopholes in the process and the way to overcome it.”
The process of the project will be documented by MACN and submitted to World Maritime University’s Journal of Maritime Affair.
Further, the project will be used to position the successful approach of collective action to other organizations such as IMO, UNDP and OECD.
Speaking at the workshop, Cecilia Müller Torbrand, program director, MACN: “MACN has gained industry and government support for the campaign which gives a solid platform to build better integrity in the ports of India through training and collectively saying no to improper demands.
“Supporting institutions include UNDP, INSA, MANSA, Customs, Ministry of Transport and multiple embassies.|
“Second, MACN will get a more detailed understanding of the port processes and situations in which improper demands occur, and thus a deeper insight to where the collective action approach of MACN can make a difference.”
Source: MANSA

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