The maritime industry is not conservative

If you are conservative in the maritime industry, you will not make it.

Group CEO of Wilhelmsen, Thomas Wilhelmsen, hears it often that the maritime industry is conservative. But he begs to differ and has proof in the pudding to silence the doubters.
During the Industry Conference hosted by DNB, Norway’s biggest bank, Thomas said that if you are conservative in the maritime industry, you will not make it.
The examples from history shows a Wilhelmsen company that made big decisions to stay competitive.
They are at the forefront to change from sail ships to steam, from steam to diesel.
Today, the company is adapting to the digital world by diving into new ways of thinking.  And most of all, new ways of doing.
“With the amount of data available now, combined with technology providing new opportunities, our options and possibilities to create value for our customers are different today than just one year ago,” said Thomas.

Technology drives new opportunities

He proclaimed that ideas impossible three or four years ago, are now within reach.  This is due to ongoing development in technology, its availability and its price.
Thomas gave the audience at the Industry Conference a small sample of the projects they are working on.  These include drone deliveries to ships, 3D printing in port and smart ropes with sensors now running a live pilot sailing in the Nordics.
“It is more fun to be in in the forefront of developing the maritime industry, than to be just someone who comes in later and adopts what everyone else are doing.”
Thomas highlighted that they are not a technology company per say.  However, they are right there in the forefront when it comes to implementing technology and solutions into the maritime industry.
“We create value for our customers by utilizing what is out there to make our customers more efficient and profitable, shaping the maritime industry as we make leaps forward.”
The maritime industry is breaking out of its conservative image.  Most noteworthy, Thomas said Wilhelmsen is right there in the front seat putting money where their mouth is.  The company is committed to delivering real solutions and services that customers will hugely benefit from.

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