Going green with clean energy has begun, and the goal of Net Zero lies in collaboration. The decisions of key leaders in the maritime industry plays a huge role and impact the environment we live in. Find out more on Ocean Governance, Marine Pollution and the impact on our Biodiversity.
Asia’s geopolitical and economic situation has a significant impact on cargo. Learn more about port-related strikes, governments’ impacts on port development, struggles of port workers, and more on Maritime Fairtrade news.
The shipping industry has a powerful impact on the global market. Stay up to date on shipbuilding takeovers, bunkering, marine insurance, green shipping, and more. Maritime Fairtrade brings you the latest shipping news from Singapore.
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The shipping industry is huge. One part of the industry impacts and services another. I am a maritime lawyer and arbitrator and have been for

Human sustainability can be significantly improved in the maritime industry. Seafarers face racial discrimination, bullying and other mentally exhausting extremities. Find out more about the state of seafarers in Asia and the issues they face with their peers out at sea through maritime industry news in Singapore.
Consumer preferences, global trade patterns, and growing technology have a massive influence on the supply chain. The maritime supply chain includes various contact points such as suppliers, distributors and consumers. Learn more about what affects the global supply chain and how various nations transition, reinvent and solve the disruption in the global supply chain.
Ethics, digital transformation, e-commerce, and building business & relationships with nations. Maritime Fairtrade covers topics on trade collaboration, data intelligence on cross-border transactions and more.

Corruption in the maritime world through trade and security leads to highly unethical occurrences in Asia’s maritime and shipping industries. Gain key insights into current affairs, ethics, the impact on the local community and more with Maritime news Singapore.

Maritime Fairtrade correspondents report from the ground and reveal the different facets of life that comes to light when utilising the sea route.