Maritime start-up offers alternative to traditional anti-piracy razor wire 

Maritime start-up, Palaemon Maritime, launched a new anti-piracy vessel protection service to replace the traditional razor wire used in the global shipping industry.

The company’s first product is a new service which allows shipping companies to rent or subscribe to an innovative anti-piracy barrier system – a service that makes make the adoption of the most advanced anti-piracy system affordable, saving an average of 64% against the cost of razor wire.

“The shipping industry has long sought an affective alternate to razor wire,” says founder of Palaemon Maritime, Steve Regis. “Razor wire is a non-effective way at stopping boarding pirates, hence why they haven’t been so successful. 

“Other anti-piracy barriers have been available for a number of years, but the price is often ten-times higher than the cost of razor wire and are too big and bulky for long term storage onboard. This, unfortunately, has made it impossible for most ships to adopt.”

To address this critical issue, Palaemon Maritime provides an Off Port Limits (OPL) delivery and returns service, meaning that ships can take delivery and returns at the same time as they take provisions. As a result, ships operating in high-risk areas are only required to take the equipment onboard when they need it, thereby removing the issue of onboard storage.

“The shipping industry spends $250 million dollars every year trying to protect themselves from pirate attacks, and it’s a huge waste of money,” Regis states. 

“Currently, we have three competitors on the market that sell anti-piracy barriers, but they do not rent them to clients. This is because their products are far bulkier, complex, and/or timely to install, making it very difficult to do. Palaemon Maritime is the only company that offers a rental and subscription service with OPL delivery and returns – a true industry game-changer.”

Though Palaemon Maritime’s anti-piracy barrier system has only recently launched, early customers, including some of the International Oil Majors, have provided 100% positive user feedback, stating the product is “100% the best thing they have ever used.” 

Photo credit: Palaemon Maritime

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