MOL gives US$9 million for recovery from Mauritius oil spill

MOL is giving about US$9,486,150 over several years to provide long-term contributions to the environment and society of Mauritius.

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) is giving about 1 billion Yen (US$9,486,150) over several years to provide long-term contributions to the environment and society of Mauritius. 

Thirteen MOL Group employees have been dispatched to the site, and MOL has procured and transported essential items for the collection and recovery of leaked oil as well as other relief supplies. MOL plans to dispatch another group to replace the first group, which is scheduled to return to Japan in mid-September. The details of the projects are as follows.

  • Protecting and restoring the natural environment. The Japanese Ministry of the Environment has already dispatched experts to Mauritius to conduct mid and long-term environmental monitoring and consider measures to restore the environment. MOL will implement the following projects in cooperation with Japan’s Ministry of the Environment: Mangrove protection/nurturing project; Coral reef recovery project; Protecting seabirds and conducting research on rare species of seabirds; Establishment of the Mauritius Natural Environment Recovery Fund.
  • MOL will make donations to several local NGOs and contribute to funds established by public agencies such as those related to the government of Mauritius and the United Nations. 

Other contributions include 

  • selecting several employees globally and conduct employee training in Mauritius every year to deepen the understanding of marine pollution prevention and nature environment conservation and contribute to local communities; 
  • making various plans to support the development of fisheries based on local needs, e.g. donate a reefer container, which was a local inquiry to support the supply chain of refrigerated goods; 
  • planning a cruise trip by Mitsui O.S.K. Passenger Line’s Nippon Maru from Japan to ports in Mauritius, tentatively scheduled for 2022.

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