EXCLUSIVE: How to outsmart a world-class hacker?

By having someone that is smarter than a world-class hacker at your side. Lee Kok Leong, our special correspondent, finds that out and more from Andrew Tsonchev, director of Darktrace Industrial.

Maritime Cyber Security 

Maritime cyber security comes as an increasingly important field to support the sector’s commitment to rapid digital transformation. As the maritime supply chain focuses on digitalisation efforts, new protocols and regulatory requirements become pertinent to the safe and secure functioning of software-based systems against emerging threats in the cyber world.

Importance of maritime cyber security

Cyber-attacks have a far-reaching impact on maritime companies and businesses dependent on them. It can cost millions of dollars and put many stakeholders in danger, including customers at the end of the supply chain. Digital transformation poses as many risks as the opportunities it provides to businesses. Yet, it is an inevitable direction the maritime sector must adopt to stay afloat in the present digital economy. To combat the risks, robust cyber security systems must be set in place to protect the integrity of the systems that drive the maritime operations across Asia and beyond.

The maritime sector holds critical infrastructure as it is responsible for over 90% of global trade. Cyber security issues must thus not be taken lightly. Through independent journalism, we touch on various topics that underpin the field of maritime cyber security, including the impending risks of malware and sophisticated hacking methodologies that destabilise port operations as well as regional regulations on cyber risk management. We speak to various industry leaders in the field to discuss the best practices maritime stakeholders can adopt, explore cross-cutting themes to study cyber risks such as corruption and poor business ethics, and rally for the collective fight against cybercrime.

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