Raoul Tan, business manager digital development, Port of Rotterdam

What does it mean to be a smart port?

Lee Kok Leong, our special correspondent, talks to Raoul Tan, business manager digital development, Port of Rotterdam, and finds out that a smart port is not all about having the latest and most advanced technology.  It is, in fact, using technology to create value for customers. 

Maritime Supply Chain Digitisation

The maritime supply chain is one of the key sectors where digitisation efforts are taking an accelerated leap. Owing to the nature of business in the supply chain, maritime stakeholders are subjected to a high degree of networking across various interfaces. This opens unlimited opportunities for digital transformation which involves the application of digital technologies to optimise processes, increase productivity and strengthen the performance of the sector.

Wide application of tech in maritime supply chain digitisation process

There are several ways the maritime supply chain can undergo digitisation. This is not only due to the wide variety of technologies available but also the limitless opportunities for innovation that tech offers. Several technologies adopted include artificial intelligence, automation, cloud computing, data analytics and visualisation. Factions of the maritime supply chain sector already on route to digitisation can be found in the areas of logistics, finance, port operations and management.

As technological advancements continue to underpin our daily lives, the maritime sector must keep up with the changes and stay ahead of the game. Shipping companies must explore smart technologies; similarly, businesses dependent on maritime trade have to optimise processes down the supply chain for better collaboration across the sector.

In our extensive reports and news coverage, we take a look at the latest digital developments within the maritime supply chain and highlight key digitisation efforts across Asia and beyond. In doing so, we discuss this power of technology through the perspective of the core issues in shipping – on themes related to, but not limited to, corruption, ethics and cyber security.

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