NYK, Furuno sign agreement for Japan’s first electronic logbook service

NYK Line and Furuno Electric signed a basic agreement at the end of April for Japan’s first electronic logbook service to help reduce crew workload. In recent years, a global shortage of seafarers, and their aging, have become social issues, and a reduction in seafarer workload has thus become a pressing issue. 

In response, research and development is being conducted to support advanced shipping and operational efficiency, for example through the use of IoT technology to constantly monitor cargo holds and develop fully autonomous ships.

Logbooks are important documents that record matters relating to ship operations and are preserved as evidence in the event of a maritime accident. However, because they have traditionally been completed by hand, the workload can be heavy and the accuracy of the entries can be an issue.

Overview of electronic logbook

The electronic logbook (Model: EL-100, hereinafter referred to as the product) developed by Furuno has been created through consultation with Japan Marine Science and incorporates the advanced knowledge of a captain into the product. 

By connecting to the ship’s navigational equipment, many of the simple tasks that are currently done by hand by the crew, such as recording and calculating, are automated, thus producing the below benefits.

Reduction in workload/work hours for seafarers

  • Automatic input of data acquired from navigational equipment and automatic calculation of operational data
  • Use of templates for standardized articles when recording work

Improvement in the quality of record content

  • Prevention of record omissions through a checklist system that confirms previously formulated voyage plans
  • Improved readability of record content through electronic information
  • Improved ease of information-sharing in the event of maritime accidents, etc.

Efficient collection and analysis support for work records

  • Vessel data collection and analysis support from the shore side
  • Reduction of double work by sharing record data between various logbooks
  • Reduction of data-sharing workload between vessels

The NYK Group will conduct trials of this product on vessels under its operation and management. The data obtained from the trials and feedback from the crews will be reflected to further improve the quality of the product.

After the completion of the trials, further discussions will be held for full-scale introduction of the product.

After introducing this product to NYK, Furuno plans to expand its sales partners by creating templates tailored to the actual conditions of each company. Furuno will continue to strive for further technological innovation to realize a safe, secure, comfortable, and human- and environment-friendly society and navigation.

The NYK Group is a world leader in promoting the further development of digitalization for shipboard operations. The signing of a basic agreement on electronic logbooks is part of this effort, and the Group aims to establish a new safe navigation system that integrates ships, shipowners, and ship-management companies.

Photo credit: iStock/ metamorworks

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