OCIMF, INTERTANKO release guidance on competency, learning from incidents

OCIMF and INTERTANKO have released two new information papers that will help improve safety in the energy shipping industry.

The result of a joint initiative between the two organisations, the papers look at two key areas:  competency and learning from incidents.

Behavioural Competency Assessment and Verification for Vessel Operators presents a system for assessing competency in seafarers.

“The behavioural competency assessment and verification system represents a new approach to the management of seafarer competence”, explains INTERTANKO Marine Director Dr Phil Belcher.

“We have focused on the essential elements of how officers actually undertake their tasks. By focusing on six key behavioural competencies, companies can gain a more complete picture of how officers apply their hard-won technical skills and officers can use this insight to improve their own performance.

“Through this approach, it is believed that the whole industry will benefit through the enhancement of the management of the human element.”

OCIMF Director Rob Drysdale agrees.

“Human factors is a complex subject that needs practical guidance in a lot of different areas. This paper offers an important practical solution, but the industry will need to continue to develop complementary guidance in other areas.”

The second paper, Sharing Lessons Learned from Incidents, outlines the most effective ways that vessel operators can share the lessons they learn from incident investigations. It includes template forms and examples of best practice that can be used to help .

“This joint initiative is a great example of two organisations working together to provide solutions to issues common to our industry”, said Drysdale.

“The next step for the initiative is to develop a tanker accident database, which we expect to launch in 2019”.

Both information papers are available to download from the INTERTANKO and OCIMF websites: www.intertanko.com/Book-Shop/INTERTANKO-Guidance-Notes and www.ocimf.org/publications/information-papers.aspx

The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) is a voluntary association of oil companies (the ‘members’) who have an interest in the shipment and terminalling of crude oil, oil products, petrochemicals and gas. OCIMF’s mission is to be the foremost authority on the safe and environmentally responsible operation of oil tankers, terminals and offshore support vessels, promoting continuous improvement in standards of design and operation.

INTERTANKO is the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners, a forum where the industry meets, policies are discussed and best practices developed. INTERTANKO has been the voice of independent tanker owners since 1970, ensuring that the liquid energy that keeps the world turning is shipped safely, responsibly and competitively

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