Online shopping for fresh groceries is trending compared to physical purchases from the traditional market but, is the sensory experience missing?

Since the global Covid-19 pandemic started in 2020, the shopping habits of Indonesians, as with most of the world, have changed. More Indonesians, both retail and wholesale, are now buying online, including for groceries such as fish.  For example, food stalls and restaurants are buying their ingredients online.

Kartini, 45-year-old cook who works in a restaurant, told Maritime Fairtrade she used to buy fish in a supermarket or traditional fish market but now she buys online because there is more variety, she can easily finish the transaction with just a few clicks, and delivery is included. With the time saved, she can spend more the preparing the food before the restaurant opens for business at 9 am. If I order online, I can do it one day before and the fish will be delivered fresh early the next day.

Vonny, 50-year-old restaurant owner, also changed her buying habits because of the pandemic and is now finding it much more convenient. She uses the Cakalang fish in her menu and she can easily buy it online at just one website, unlike in the past if the Cakalang fish was not available in one stall, then she had to travel to other stalls to find it, wasting precious time.

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