Qatar, Europol sign arrangement to combat cross-border serious organized crime

The Ministry of Interior of the State of Qatar and the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol) signed a Working Arrangement October 5 in order to support the Member States of the European Union and Qatar in preventing and combating serious crime and terrorism. 

The Working Arrangement introduces a secure system for the exchange of information between the parties, linking Qatar with the law enforcement authorities of the Member States, as well as with third countries and organizations associated with Europol. 

The cooperation may, in addition to the exchange of information, include the exchange of specialist knowledge, general situation reports, results of strategic analysis, participation in training activities as well as providing advice and support in individual criminal investigations. 

Based on this Working Arrangement, Qatar can deploy a liaison officer to Europol’s headquarters in the Netherlands to join a unique community of liaison bureaux of law enforcement authorities from more than 40 countries from across the world.

Europol’s Executive Director Catherine De Bolle said: “Today marks the start of a fruitful collaboration between the law enforcement authorities of Qatar and their counterparts in the European Union. Europol is looking forward to hosting a Qatari liaison officer in its headquarters in The Hague, further enabling a trustful flow of information in our collective fight against organized crime and terrorism.”

Major General Khalifa Nasr Al-Nasr, Director of the Human Resources Department at the Ministry of Interior, Qatar said: “In a global framework, no country can operate in a vacuum.  Qatar is committed to identifying and further enhancing areas of cooperation with the world’s foremost law enforcement organization.  Europol’s global tools and international law enforcement networks will further support our national and regional security efforts.”

After entry into force of the Arrangement, this new level of cooperation will be important for tackling priority crime areas affecting both the European Union and Qatar.

Photo credit: Pexels/ zabelin

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