Relentless Advocacy, Support For Seafarers’ Interests 

Mary Liew, President of National Trades Union Congress, General Secretary of Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union advocates for seafarers worldwide and fights against seafarer abandonment. 

Mary Liew, a trailblazer in the male-dominated maritime industry, serves as the deputy member of the ILO Governing Body. As Singapore’s Worker’s Delegate and President of NTUC, she advocates for merit-based opportunities for women in the industry. Her leadership as the General Secretary of SMOU and vice president of the International Transport Workers’ Federation brings positive change to seafarers worldwide.

Fearlessly facing the industry’s challenges, Mary fights against seafarer abandonment and champions mental well-being through the WeCare program. She spearheads guidelines for shipowners’ accountability, fostering a level playing field for all.

Mary’s vision for a sustainable future revolves around skills development and training through WMI. Tripartism drives Singapore’s maritime success, with Mary playing a pivotal role in the transformation. As she captains the SMOU, her advocacy for women seafarers on the Maritime Port Authority Board illuminates a path towards a more equitable maritime realm.

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