RightShip, Port of Sudeste to deploy Maritime Emissions Portal for first time in Latin America

RightShip, an environmental, social and governance (ESG)-focused digital maritime platform, has partnered with Port of Sudeste, located in Itaguai, Rio de Janeiro, to start utilizing RightShip’s Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP) for the first time in the Latin American region. 

MEP is a unique digital solution that combines AIS vessel movement data with RightShip’s vessel insights. Its primary objective is to calculate ships’ emissions and identify areas of opportunity to reduce environmental impact. 

MEP provides crucial support and access to unparalleled maritime datasets. This helps ports and terminals to effectively measure and manage their emissions, thereby supporting decarbonization strategies that align with global, regional, and national targets.

Port of Sudeste recently announced aims to reduce its scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions from operations by 50.4% by 2033 compared to the base year 2021. With scope 3 emissions representing one of the main challenges for the ports and terminals sector in reaching net zero, the addition of MEP now provides Porto Sudeste with a tool to monitor and reduce scope 3 emissions as part of its broader decarbonization strategy.

Ulisses Oliveira, Sustainability Director at the Port of Sudeste, said: “Our aim at the Port of Sudeste is to maintain the highest levels of sustainability and efficiency. By teaming up with RightShip, we can obtain precise data and valuable insights to measure vessel emissions in the port and create effective strategies to reduce our environmental footprint.”

MEP employs an energy-based modelling approach based on UNEP and UNFCCC guidelines to calculate vessel-based emissions. Emissions are calculated in four separate operational modes across defined points of interest specified by the Port of Sudeste, making this platform a genuinely tailor-made solution for every port.

Commenting on the partnership, Anthony Teo, Head of the Americas Region, Vice President at RightShip, stated: “We are thrilled to announce that the Port of Sudeste is set to become the first port in Latin America to utilize our Maritime Emissions Platform. 

“This partnership results from our years-long collaboration and signifies the port’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and excellence. 

“We are confident that our advanced tool will assist the Port of Sudeste in developing effective strategies for decarbonization and improving local air quality. This marks a significant milestone in RightShip’s vision of promoting a zero-harm maritime industry.”

Photo credit: RightShip, Port of Sudeste. The Port of Sudeste.

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