Sanjay Verma

Director of Decarbonization Solutions, Wärtsilä

Sanjay Verma began his shipping career in 1981 as a marine engineer, dedicating over 14 years to serving on board merchant vessels. Throughout this extensive period, he sailed with Shipping Corporation of India, V-Ships, and Maersk Singapore. In 1995, he transitioned to Lloyds Register, where he served as a ship and industrial surveyor until 1999.

In 1999, Sanjay embarked on a new professional journey by joining Wärtsilä, and since then, he has been stationed in India, Finland, and, currently, Singapore since 2009. Within Wärtsilä, he held various roles, including technical sales, business development, and management positions, contributing significantly to the company’s growth and success.

In his present role as director, decarbonization solutions, at Wärtsilä Singapore, he shoulders the responsibility for market innovation. His focus revolves around developing sustainable shipping solutions, with a keen emphasis on energy efficiency solutions and sustainable fuels.

Recognizing the pivotal role shipping plays in the ecosystem, he strongly advocates for immediate action and conscientious choices that are kinder to both people and the planet. As the director of decarbonization solutions, Sanjay plays a crucial role in leading the charge towards environmentally friendly practices in the shipping industry.

Sanjay is also involved in standards development for alternative fuels. He is part of the working group responsible for developing bunkering standards for both LNG and ammonia under SDO Singapore.

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