Seafarer Lost Wife In Car Accident

A hard life got harder after his wife died.

Jesus Canaleta, tells his story on how he got into the shipping career, what it was like when he step aboard and how his life turned out to the point of the car accident.

30-year-old Jesus (Jess) Canaleta’s life was on track – he was happily married and despite the challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic, he was making a good living. On 3:40 a.m. September 13, 2021, his world was turned upside down when on a break from his job as a utility supervisor for a cruise ship, the car that he was driving, with his wife and two other friends inside, was involved in an accident.

A 20-wheeler truck ahead of him blew a tire, went out of control and the cargo trailer hit Jess’ car, which spun and overturned at least two times before it fell broken on the highway.  Ayesha, his seven-month pregnant wife, and one friend died on the spot.  Another friend passed away in her sleep three days later in hospital and doctors said she appeared to have a bad nightmare just before she died, most likely caused by trauma from the accident.

It took 30 minutes before Jess was rescued and taken to the hospital.  He survived, albeit with serious injuries on his right leg, which cost him his seafaring job as he is not able to handle the heavy physical demand of working on a ship.

Maritime Fairtrade spoke at length with Jess about his life and recovery, not only from his physical injuries but from his depression as well.  The former seafarer has suffered from constant days of darkness where he wanted to give up and take his own life. 

During the interviews, however, he realized that he still had much to live for and that he still has much to offer the world with his skills and talents.  He understood he has to move on from the personal tragedy and start a new chapter in his life.  

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