STCW must be updated to train 800,000 seafarers in new fuels, says e-learning provider

To keep up with the needs of 800,000 seafarers who must be able to work on ships using new fuels, regulators should prioritize updating the Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) says e-learning provider OneLearn Global (OLG).

The maritime industry is on the cusp of a transformative era, driven by the ultimate move to green-fueled ships to meet the IMO’s goals to reduce carbon emissions over the next decade. OLG believes the industry needs to act now to ensure companies are ready for the transition.

Managing Director at OLG, Marinos Kokkinis, said: “It is imperative the industry acts now so that we are prepared to transition over to green-fueled ships. There is still so much we need to learn about green fuels, but we need to be looking at the framework of our training now and the STCW standards need to be updated to reflect how our landscape is changing. 

“Basic safety training must include new fuels, focusing on alternative propulsion systems, energy management, and safety protocols.”

Learning Solutions Program Manager at OLG, Malevi Manenti, added: “When it comes to new fuels, training courses are scattered and not yet aligned. The industry should be working together to foster collaboration among stakeholders to develop standardized training programs, ensuring a cohesive approach globally. 

“More and more information on new fuels is going to be developing and coming out continuously, so it is vital we are promoting a culture of continuous learning for seafarers and encouraging ongoing education on new technologies.”

Photo credit: iStock/Highwaystarz-Photography

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