Corruption still a serious problem in Asia

Many countries see economic openness as a way forward, however, governments across the region continue to restrict participation in public affairs, silence dissenting voices and keep decision-making out of public scrutiny.

Using trade facilitation to counter corruption

Countries with integrity at the border are found to also have more efficient border processes. Measures that support integrity include transparency and predictability, streamlining of formalities and coordinated border management.

Exploring causes of persistent corruption

Successful anti-corruption measures undermine their own success. So, vigilance against corruption must be maintained despite its cost, even when corruption levels appear to be low.

EXCLUSIVE: Keeping our ports drug-free

Lee Kok Leong, our special correspondent, talks to Patrick Verhoeven, MD of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH), on how ports can fight drug trafficking and corruption.

EDITORIAL: Say no to bribery during port inspection

The United Nations and World Bank estimated that corruption can add up to 10 percent to the cost of doing business globally.   It fundamentally erodes the ability of shipping companies to operate efficiently and profitably, and tarnishes the reputation of the industry.