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Corruption still a serious problem in Asia

Many countries see economic openness as a way forward, however, governments across the region continue to restrict participation in public affairs, silence dissenting voices and keep decision-making out of public scrutiny.

How G20 can lead anti-corruption

The G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group, which works with governments on their anti-corruption measures, has the potential to be a very important partner in the fight for a more just world.  

Why high-scoring countries aren’t corruption-free?

Foreign bribery hinders development and skews the level playing field of international trade. It can also contribute to a culture of bribery, especially when companies from countries regarded as clean legitimise it as a means of gaining a commercial advantage.

UAE leads region in anti-corruption

There needs to be a serious change in the way countries approach institutions, political rights, checks and balances and other pillars of democracy.