Taiwan’s Marine Jewels: Exploring the Vital Importance of Coral Reefs

Explore the vast spectrum of Taiwan’s biodiversity, stretching from towering peaks to mysterious depths, revealing a tapestry of diverse ecosystems.

Whenever we talk about the Earth, we think of the land area. In fact, the ocean makes up about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface area, and is the source of life. If there is something wrong with the ocean, this will be a threat to nature and all living beings.

Taiwan, being an island nation, is renowned for stunning coastal landscape, making it one of the diving paradises in the world. Apart from the main island, there are numerous smaller islands off the coast – Lanyu (Orchid Island), Xiaoliuqiu (Lambai Island), and Green Island – which are all popular diving spots. 

Have you ever thought of what makes a diving spot so majestic and attractive? Turquoise crystal-clear waters, fascinating seascapes, schools of colorful tropical fish or abundant coral reefs? Yet, will there still be diving paradises in the world in the face of climate change? 

Maritime Fairtrade has recently interviewed Dr. Aziz J Mulla, a post-doctoral researcher at the Coral Reef Field Ecology Lab, Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. He scuba-dives a lot as part of his job. 

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