Taiwan’s Largest Marine Corporation Commits to CSR and Launches Art Season

An art exhibition featuring, “The Great Voyage of Taiwanese Plants” and “Lee Chien-Lang’s Solo Exhibition” on paintings of ancient architecture. 

The Chang Yung-Fa Foundation under Evergreen Group launched an Art Season. The festival has just kicked off in September in Taipei where a series of cultural events will be held in these few months. 

The foundation works to “bring art into the life of all people and create a culturally sustainable society” as its Executive Director Chung De-Mei said in the press conference. The foundation also invited the College of Innovation of the Taipei University of Marine Technology to design the fish-shaped logo for the art season, which symbolizes navigation in the sea of art. 

Among all the cultural events, two special exhibitions were first launched in the foundation’s Evergreen Maritime Museum, namely “The Great Voyage of Taiwanese Plants” and “Lee Chien-Lang’s Solo Exhibition” on paintings of ancient architecture”.

Maritime Fairtrade visited the museum and joined the free guided tour on 21 September. The visitors, who joined the tour, included not only the general public but also the employees of Evergreen Group, as a part of internal training. 

The special exhibition “The Great Voyage of Taiwan Plants”, which was curated by Seed Design, is located on the fourth floor of the museum. It takes Taiwanese plants as the protagonists, explores their sources and combines the history of navigation to introduce the plants that appear and used in Taiwanese’s ordinary life.

Meanwhile, “Lee Chien-Lang’s Solo Exhibition”, which is on the third floor of the Museum, displays 37 drawings by famous Taiwanese architect Prof. Lee Chien-Lang, who has witnessed the historical development of the landmark architectures that are highly related to Taiwan’s rivers and seas. All these reflect the interaction of the Taiwanese people with the waters for almost 400 years. 

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